**Your Role as an Early Access Member!**

**Your Role as an Early Access Member!**

We're over the moon that you're here to help us develop Oleso into something amazing!

Your role as an exclusive EA member over the next few weeks
Use Oleso and let us know what you think! We have many plans ahead and this is a super early stage, but having your feedback and developing a relationship with us means you can help with the direction of Oleso to suit you best as your marketing companion tool.

How do you provide feedback and help?
  • Raise bugs and suggest features on the app (use the "?" in the bottom right and feedback tab)
  • Raise bugs and vote on features through our support website: https://support.oleso.co/portal/en/home
  • Message Rhianna & Max personally via email/social
  • Spread the word about Oleso
  • Refer your network!

Important Notes - as of April 2021

  • Only Facebook and Twitter are connected for now. We have Instagram and LinkedIn working and will bring these in shortly.
  • There will be bugs, so please use Oleso with caution, particularly if you invite your clients. We recommend holding off inviting your clients to the app unless they're happy to know that you're testing our tool with them.
  • We'll release new updates during Early Access to implement features and fix bugs.
Thanks so much for using Oleso - you're the absolute best and we're ecstatic to have you part of its development!