How do I reset or change the password of my Oleso account?

How do I reset or change the password of my Oleso account?

1. Head to your profile settings
2. Change your password
3. Verify by email
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    • How do I change the timezone on my Oleso account?

      This is currently a planned feature. See our full list of existing and upcoming features here. Simply head to your profile settings and change your timezone there. This won't affect timezones for your brands, this will just be the one that displays ...
    • How do I connect social accounts to Oleso?

      Both upon signing up and in settings, you/your clients can connect social accounts to Oleso. 
    • How do I cancel my account?

      We want to make cancelling really easy as we're not in the business of providing tools to those who don't need it. We have yet to have access to the resources in order to make this process automated so please email to cancel your ...
    • What features are included on Oleso?

      See Oleso's full list of features here.
    • What happens when I remove a user from my account / a brand?

      When you remove a user from a brand they will no longer be able to access the brand. Their data will not be lost and they can be added at any time. Bear in mind every user (unless deactivated) needs to be on at least 1 brand. If you remove a user ...