What happens once a client approves a post?

What happens once a client approves a post?

Once approved, the post will move from "Pending Review" to "Scheduled" in the Post Approval section. You will be notified once your posts have been approved and they will automatically be scheduled at the chosen time.
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    • How do I invite team members or client users?

      Invite a team member: Go to the "Users" section Add a new user and assign their role as "marketer" or moderator" (see below for role clarification) They will receive an invite via email and you will be notified once they accept the invitation Invite ...
    • How does the post-approval system work?

      Create a post, send it for review, your client will get notified and can approve/comment on your posts. Once approved, they automatically schedule at the time you set. If you don't need this feature, you'll be able to simply turn it off in settings ...
    • How do I create a post?

      Head to "post scheduler" and add posts to your calendar. Pull hashtags and media onto the post you're creating. You can set your own schedule time slots too.
    • How can I turn off post approval?

      This is currently a planned feature. See our full list of existing and upcoming features here. You will be able to simply head to your brand settings and turn it off. If you have any posts in the approval process already, these posts will ...
    • How can I get my post back to a draft if accidentally sent for review?

      You can revoke a post if you have sent it for review by heading to the post-approval or post scheduler area and finding the post you would like to edit. On post-approval simply click "Save as Draft" or click on the post and hit "Revoke" at the bottom ...