What integrations come with Oleso?

What integrations come with Oleso?

No integrations as yet but we have BIG plans for integrations including Canva, Google Analytics, Bitly and more. See our full list of existing and upcoming features here.

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    • What features are included on Oleso?

      See Oleso's full list of features here.
    • How can I support Oleso?

      Exciting! Follow and support us on socials (@olesosocial) Refer your friends or network using your personal code in your settings area (get rewards!) Sign up for Beta Join our Early Adopter Programme Become a Brand Advocate - get in touch! Send your ...
    • How do I connect social accounts to Oleso?

      Both upon signing up and in settings, you/your clients can connect social accounts to Oleso. 
    • How do I contact Oleso Support? I'm stuck!

      Bugs can be reported by clicking the "?" in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and filling out the bug report area. Alternatively, you can report your bug to our forum. Alternatively, send an email to support@oleso.co and someone will be in ...
    • Someone I have invited to Oleso hasn't received the invite. Why is that?

      The usual checks: Ensuring their email is correct Asking if they have checked their junk folder Already tried resending the invite to no avail Failing the above, please get in touch with our support team to see if we can work out the ...